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Photopixar allows you to make photo albums in few steps. Create a stunning album with rich built-in resources
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Photo slideshow maker
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12 September 2012

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This software tool helps create a photo album in video.

Most of us turn trigger happy with our digital cameras. Added incentive to photo taking is the mobile handsets that are always there with us. Thus it is easy to pile up a bunch of digital photos in quick time. There is no recurring cost either as with the film based photo taking of yesterdays. No film price or processing costs are involved. Immediately after these photo taking binges, we feel compelled to share them with everyone that are important to us, and FaceBook and the likes of it in social media are there to let us do that easily. PhotoPixar is a tool that lets us create a photo album in video to do that quite easily. You are able to upload videos to these social networking sites. There are no controls to fiddle with and you simply view the album effortlessly.

The process is really simple. Import the photos you want to use into the tool. Choose a suitable template offered by the program. A choice of sizes is also available. Add your unique touch by adding a unique background and a piece of music to it. You can put in individual captions, notes or whatever a text string can say to your friends. The interface is quite intuitive and just about anybody should be able to get productive with it in short time. Publish the album with a single click. This is a good product and has many useful features. If you have a need, here is a good candidate for trying out.

Publisher's description

When you take photos, you probably feel that there is a better way to view your photo collection than just scrolling them left and right on your digital camera screen? Or do you think that you can do more than just transferring each photo to your PC, hand picking a few favourite shots and sharing them online
Or do you wish that you can make a personalized album and with a few mouse clicks, unfold the special memories?
You can now share your precious memories using PhotoPixar!
Photopixar allows you to create albums for your photographs in a video mode. You can create a well-designed album by selecting from a wide array of photo album designs. Personalize it by choosing from various cool backgrounds and music. You may also put in your captions. Send it via email or share it on facebook for all your friends to see. It is fun and easy to use!
Preserving precious moments has never been this easy!

1. Choose from various album designs & styles
2. Turn your photos into a video slideshow
3. Personalize it with templates music & captions
4. One click to share with friends
5. Enjoy! Easy to use and fun
Version 1.2
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